Admission Counseling

Overseas educational consultancy dedicated to providing educational consulting services to Indian students in pursuing their dreams of studying abroad accessible. our Consultants provides high quality educational consulting services along with superb customer support – a combination that can’t be beaten!

We work with a vision and mission of providing admissions to our students to universities that match their academic strengths, competency, and personality profiles meanwhile also keeping in mind their financial restrictions. We work with Universities around the world to understand the curriculum better and hence can advise the student appropriately based on an individual’s needs and capacity.

Career Counseling

We believe that the right choice in career will lead the student to a better future. We provide individual counseling about all the careers available for the students after their bachelors or postgraduate degree. Thus we have built a good reputation in the student community. Students come to us with a belief that we guide them in the proper direction keeping in view of their individual Profile and the professional market scenario; we guide and assist them to make the best career choice.

Admission Guidance

We guide and assist students with complete admission process on one to one basis. Our counselors personally assist students in filing up admission forms and we give special attention to their application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented application, also assisting with references and the statement of purpose.

Since our counselors have strong experience in this, they are able to Pre-assess and Pre-qualify application to the desired course and institute whereby making application process shorter and faster. Our regular follow-ups with the Universities and colleges result in the positive and quick response.

Choosing the right course in the right university and colleges

We provide in-depth information on courses and institutes available based on student’s academic, work background, and provide personal guidance to help students in choosing the right course in the university and colleges according to student’s profile, financial status, future aspirations, and other interests.

Visa Assistance

We are in touch with the VFS & AHC on a regular basis and are informed about the latest rules and changes in visa documents which result in our extremely high visa success rate.

Travel Assistance

We also assist students with the booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes, and discounts. Our strategic tie-ups with Airlines and Travel consultants allow us to offer our students the best possible rates as well.

Overseas education coupled with an international internship is an incredible way to gain some real-world experience. Moreover, you may find that only international programs can provide the real expertise you desire in your education. International experience is recognized highly among many employers as a critical asset for prospective employees. Overseas education shows that you are resourceful, adventurous, internationally minded and diverse. A Student comments – “Abroad may suit me more because they judge you according to your ability, whereas in here your background and connections are more important.”

University students tend to study abroad much more than before. The universities have tried to track the changing interests of the students and the increasingly global nature of its curriculum by setting up programs that did not attract as much interest a generation ago?. A decade ago, the only destinations of studying abroad were in Western Europe, but there are many places for students to study abroad all over the world now. This means that students are interested in other cultures, and it shows that the cultural borders between countries are decreasing. In addition, it is very important to communicate with other countries today.